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We work with nature to save you energy, time and money; reduce waste and pollution, enhance your growing experience and invite life and abundance into your landscape.

If you are looking to join the millions of people around the world moving to a more sustainable and regenerative lifestyle, we can help you design and implement this vision into the life you seek. 

Permaculture Opportunities:
  • Grow and harvest nutritious food for your family
  • Perennial Food Forest Systems
  • Transforming resource heavy lawns into food
  • Improve and amend soil
  • Composting
  • Enhance garden yields 
  • Eliminate Erosion issues
  • Mitigate Flooding issues
  • ​​​Restore hydrological systems on the land to mitigate dryland conditions
  • Create healthy balanced systems through the development of guilds and companion planting
  • Minimizing insect infestations
  • The A to Z of Harvesting the rain
  • Pond systems
  • Passive solar energy/greenhouses/reducing heat loss in your home.
  • Design and develop a sustainable and regenerative landscape to enhance your property values, provide food for your family and create some closed loop systems to reduce pollution and waste.
  • Are you away quite a bit during the summer? Still want to grow food? We can help.
Genesis Permaculture can work with you to envision a step by step plan to attain your goals and create an abundant landscape full of fruits and vegetables for you, your family.

Consulting Services:
Two Hour Urban Site Consultation: $250.00
Genesis Permaculture will conduct a two hour site visit which will include an overview of your property along with an assessment of vegetation, water sources and design opportunities followed by a "kitchen table" discussion to determine your plans and desires for your home and property. This site visit will be followed up with an email providing detailed information on options and opportunities along with some pretty cool design elements that you can use in and around your home based on our discussions. The client also has the opportunity to have a follow-up phone consultation to further discuss the material.

Rural Site Consultation: $45 per hour including travel time​​

We Offer a Full Range of Consultation, Design & Installation Services:
1. Genesis Permaculture will meet with you and discuss your goals along with all of the elements that you would like to see and implement on your property such as rainwater harvesting, greenhouse, ponds, raised beds, food forests, how to expand your growing zone by creating micro climates etc.

2. Perform a full site visit and survey to determine slope, vegetation, water sources and water harvesting opportunities and to identify opportunities for design and landscape enhancements.

3. Following the site assessment and survey, Genesis will create a detailed hand rendered design (to-scale) bringing together all of the Permaculture design elements and principles that will create an abundant landscape for your yard/Acreage/Farm as well as water and energy saving opportunities - Cost for hand rendered design is based on size and location of property and extent of design required. Please inquire for further details

Please Note: For more complex sites requiring detailed assessment and survey along with rural or out of town properties, fees will be adjusted accordingly to take into consideration additional time and travel.

We are now taking bookings for the 2016 season, please contact Genesis Permaculture today to ensure a resilient future for you and your family.

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Opportunities for Learning and Sharing:
Host a Permaculture Workshop: we can help you and your friends learn more about Permaculture through practical application.
  • Sheet Mulching
  • Compost 101
  • Build an Herb Spiral
  • Basics of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Companion Planting a Fruit Guilds​​​​...just to name a few ideas!
​​Genesis Permaculture can help you organize and host an event where all of your friends and family can get involved, build community and take away some pretty amazing skills.

2. Host a kitchen party or potluck; (a great activity during the cold winter months - let's start planning and get a jump start on spring!) invite all of your friends and neighbours – Genesis Permaculture will provide loads of information on the key elements of Permaculture design while assisting your guests with their questions and design queries. This is a great way to build community and take some pretty fantastic steps in growing your own food.

3. Genesis Permaculture is available for speaking engagements for your organization or community event. Contact Us.

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"Create a self-sustaining environment in any situation, from the farm to the city... by planning your lifestyle to increase resources, conserve energy and reduce or eliminate pollution or waste."
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